Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fox News - The Big Story...Gone bad

For those of you who missed it, John was scheduled to do an interview last night with John Gibson. Turns out, Gibson took the day off and was replaced by the very uptight and cranky, Julie Banderas (God I hope she's no relation to Antonio!) I don't know what her problem was, but she went at John like a pitbull on Red Bull. But John held his own and left Ms. Banderas looking less than professional...or intelligent for that matter. If anyone cares to email the show, the address is By the way, if you go to Fox News' website and click on The Big Story, they have streaming video of all the shows for the past week. Interestingly enough, John's episode is not available. Maybe that's because Julie B. made such a spectacle (I am obviously in a generous mood) of herself? Maybe viewers can come up with a better word to describe the unrelenting Ban-tear-ass....Here are some of the comments viewers sent to John:

And a GREAT interview it WAS, John! Even tho Ms Banderas seemed a little hostile, you were able to keep th interview focused on 'SpeakEnglish' whilst being a gentleman about it. Great job; -actually think Ms Banderas was kinda grooving onyou towards the last!

While I am no fan of John Rocker, the interview he gave to Julie Banderas was ambush TV at it's finest. All she wanted to do was chastise him for comments he made years ago. She hardly gave him the opportunity to speak regarding his position on speaking English, which was the topic. You could see the blood in her eyes, she looked as if she had a rabbit in her sights and was about to blow him away. Why don't you have Ms. Banderas bleach her hair blond and change her name to Nancy Grace? Oh, and about that diamond jewelry set Ms. Banderas always wears. She should get over herself. If it's real, it's an insult to Africans who have to mine the diamonds under deplorable conditions, and diamonds have been known to be used to fund terrorism. If they are fake, she's trying to be something she isn't.
P.S. My family stopped speaking Gaelic when they came to this country, maybe new immigrants could make the same effort.

Just a quick message to say that I saw John Rocker on Fox News yesterday. I appreciate his standing firm and remaining calm and respectful when the anchor really tried to push him during the interview. Thanks for the Speak English campaign.

Saw you on the show yesterday before I went to bowl league. Way to go! I'm glad someone with a public voice shares our opinion. I'm glad that you stuck with the interviewer who kept changing the subject & going back to your comments from SI many moons ago (we agreed with that too, by the way). The liberal drive-by media just doesn't get it. Keep up your crusade and we'll do our part to support it. We are buying some of the tees. Have a great day.

Please stick to your guns and get your message out, by immigrants not assimilating, our country is doomed to become another 3rd world toilet, multi-cultural and, multi-lingual has no room in this country. If people want to remember their roots, they can do it at home, try going to France and getting your Driver’s License Test in the English language, it won’t happen.
Good Luck and keep up the Good Work !!!!

Same old story, John.Free speech no longer applies when someone is using plain talk to tell the truth.Only if you're coming from the left is your speech protected in this era.Most plain talking, honest, and logical thinking individuals have supported you these last 6 years.And we'll continue to do so.You have my respect. Hang tuff!

We enjoyed your responses during the interview on Fox News today, but did not like the way you were questioned. Bravo on your good work!

Dear John Rocker,I just watched your interview on Fox News and I want to say Thank You on behalf of all Americans. Keep up the campaign! It's about time we stand up for our heritage. When in America speak ENGLISH! I'm tired of reading labels on products written in 2 or 3 languages. I'm tired of calling customer service and being asked to press 1 for English. I'm proud of you. Please keep me informed of the progress.


Anonymous Carlos Esperanza Bronx, NY said...

caught the tail end of rocker on fox. my buddy over at frog told me about your blog. its pretty interesting

rockers a good sport because i would have pimp-smacked that dumb fox bitch silly.

i like the shirts and rockers message overall.

and you can tell rocker that I promise not to have one dirty thought about his latina yum yum alicia maria...until tomorrow :)

3:53 AM  
Anonymous A Ninny Mouse said...

Yowww...does Rocker's girlfriend have a sister?

Want to sell some shirts? Have Rocker's girlfriend pose in the t-shirt with nothing underneath and spray her with a hose.

Half a million units easy.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Sharon said...

First let me start off by saying that I am a fan of John’s and I do agree with what he is saying about people learning to speak English so it could better them in jobs and so on. I have to say I am not sure about the campaign. I think its great that he would like to help better others but do you really think it will work. I don’t hold anything John said in the past against him because as a Christian I believe we should learn to forgive and let it go since that’s what God would like for us all to do. But unfortunately not every one sees it that way so he past is going to follow him and I am not sure that this campaign is going to help him out. I am afraid it may come back to bit him. I hope I am wrong and only time will tell and I will be sure to keep him in my prayers that he will let God lead him in the direction of what he should be doing. I am not trying to preach but I have met John and his dad before so I know he has been brought up in church and knows what I am talking about. I think he is a great guy with a big heart and maybe sometimes easily lead by others. He is smart by all means. But I just hope John is doing what he wants and not letting others influence him only to make him look bad in the public eye. When I met John last September to ride in the MS Bike tour I was so impressed by him. He was nothing like I thought he would be. I was so afraid he would be sort of stuck up and not speak but he is nothing like that at all and I felt relaxed around him. . I also have to say something about his ex- girlfriend.. She is so nice and I have never met anyone like her. She was so helpful to me during the bike ride and stayed beside me the whole time we rode. I thought is was so great that John did the MS Bike Tour since Kim’s mom has MS ..I don’t know the new girlfriend and I would never say anything bad about her. I just hope John has not made a mistake and that he is happy .
Though out all this time there is one person that has not been mentioned his ex girlfriend Kim of 5 years. Who during that time you would find sitting at every game supporting John whether it be in the in country or out of the country.; As I said before she is as beautiful inside as outside and loved and supported him through thick and thin. This says a lot about John and the kind of person he is. He has to be a great person for someone like her to stand beside him when a lot of other girls would not have. I wish John all the best and hope he is happy in everything he does.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

I just wanted to clear somethings up with what I posted last. I recived an email thinking that I meant something bad by what I posted last. That was not my intention at all. As I told the person who sent the email that I was just saying that John has to be a really great guy for someone to stay with him through thick and thin when he has been in the public eye so much and how they have given him such a hard time. Not a lot of women would stick around for all the drama he has had. Sorry if anyone took it the wrong way.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous A friend of JR's said...

Good thing that you cleared that up Sharon. Because we were all here beginning to think that YOU were that psychopathic "Kim" you mentioned that John used to date writing in and acting as loony as we always knew "kim" was/is.

We here in Atlanta all know "Kim" . About her and what she is about. A sad, tired gold digger past her prime. Ha ha. She got what she deserved. She made Rocker miserable so he got rid of her.

As one of Rocker's acquaintances for years now (I have known him since he was a Brave), I can say that he has been a much better friend, person and business man since getting rid of that loony toons mess of a woman. Hopefully his new girlfriend can make him happy. if not, then so be it. But either way, he needed to get away and far away from that crazy half there witch who sponged off him and everyone around him for years. His people in Atlanta know the real truth here. You, obviously don't.


3:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JR's friend, your post at 3:08 a.m., what's the matter, you couldn't put your pipe down? Obviously, you don't know Kim. I have known her for 20 years and she is one of the classiest woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She stood by Rocker when it would have been much easier to say adios amigo (goodbye friend.) I know what she went through during the 5 years that she dated (put up with him, the hookers, the lies, the general bs of a spoiled brat. Kim is hardly a gold digger. In the time I have known her she has dated men with real money that have asked her to marry them but didn't because she did not love them. Rocker made a little over 5 million in his illustrious career, take 40% away from that for taxes and another 5% for the agents cut and it is certainly understandable why he is hawking t-shirts these days.

As for Rocker, it seems this hasbin (
pitcher will do anything to keep himself in the public eye. He must be the only left handed pitcher under the age of 40 that can't get a shot in the major leagues where teams are desparate for left handed pitching, can't imagine why. Maybe they just don’t want a guy with an ERA of 6.66.

I understand that he was parading around the UGA campus last Saturday with this poor woman that he is now using in an attempt to show he is not what we all know that he is.... a loathsome, ignorant moron. Rocker on a college campus, now that really is funny.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow I am so sorry for getting something started here when I mentiond Johns ex Kim. Out of respect for Kim I don’t think John would appreciate anyone talking bad about her nor do I think Kim would appreciate anyone talking bad about John. They are both great people and don’t deserve the trash that’s being said. It was not my intention to get anything bad started. I am not that kind of person and I am so sorry if I have said anything to offend anyone . Please lets just let it go.


9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous...

First of all the word is has been not hasbin. If you are going to go on a message board and try to disrespect somebody, learn how to fucking spell.

Secondly, if you want to accuse someone of picking up the crack pipe and smoking it, look in the mirror first. You have no fucking clue how much money John made in his career or how much went to his agents. No fucking clue. Spouting off numbers that you can't even begin to try and back up with any kind of factual information whatsoever. Oh and by the way, did you also talk to all the hookers he allegedly fucked...I'm just curious.

Funny how you now accuse him of being a loathsome, ignorant, moron. Did you feel this way when he was dating your precious Kim or did your opinion somehow change after he dumped her ass. Did you think he was a loathsome moron when he was paying for your drinks and getting you into clubs via your friendship with his ex or are you like most bottom feeders who never have a good thing to say anymore once the gravy train takes off and leaves.

If you claim you know everything Kim put up with during their relationship, perhaps it might occur to you that after five years she has moved on, you should do the same instead of wasting precious time on a message board defending her honor. I mean after all, according to you, John is a loathsome moron worthy of nothing but contempt.

Why do you even bother.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of John's love life, I went to school with him in Macon, we weren't best friends but were part of the same social group. Anyway, I have heard about his "walking on the wild side" from a friend who was very tight with him. All the gay guys who drool over him definitely have a shot. Our boy swings both ways.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John looks like shit with his long hair, makes his nose really stand out, not only is he a rude ass hole, white trash N-gger lover too!

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say that this blog, and one other that mentions John's relationship with Kim, more particularly, Kim, is tasteless, untrue, and has no place on John Rocker's website. Obviously, none of you are close friends with either Kim or John...if you were, at the very least, your comments would reflect how much these two cared for one another over the past five years. No relationship is perfect. If you think being in a relationship over the past five years with John Rocker hasnt been a handful...think again. Kim was wonderful to John, his family loves her, and so does everyone that has the honor of being in her presence. I hope we all have the opportunity to love someone as much as she loved John. Your vulgar words are a disgrace to Kim, John,their families, and long time friends that appreciate what they brought to eachothers lives. It's for certain that YOU "friend of jr's" are not a friend of Johns, and you do not know Kim. I would be surprised if you have ever even shared a meal with him. That's okay...a lot of people THINK they are friends with John. On his behalf...go be such a good friend to someone else.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe your ancestors would still be speaking "Gaelic" (the correct term is Irish, unless you're referring to the language spoken 900 years ago; which I doubt since America was still in the hands of it's natives then), if the melting-pot mentality of the US wasn't based on intolerance and the communism of cultural blending. Just a thought. This 'SpeakEnglish' campaign reeks of conformity; and if people think that conforming to a common ideal is a pleasant option all I can say is 'Wake the F&*k up'

8:28 PM  

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