Thursday, November 01, 2007

We're back

Okay, okay. I've gotten plenty of slack for blogging-off, but I'm back now and will try and get everyone up to date - and continue to do so on a weekly basis.

There have been a lot of requests for the Speak English T's, and we are in the process of updating John's site and will have the store back up and running soon.

John just celebrated his 33rd birthday and is doing very well.

The book is still in the works and we hope to have it out in '08.

More soon....

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Did I miss somethng?

Am I the only one wondering who the father of Anna Nicole's new baby is?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another day in front of the gun

Based on past media debacles, I have to say today's interviews went pretty well. If you missed John on MSNBC, you can view the streaming video at: I think Rita Cosby (, although a little tough to listen to, was fair. She insisted on reading old quotes from SI, but show me a media person who hasn't. Oh, and that brings me to Janet Parshall's interview. Janet managed to interview John without the quotes. Amazing. There's actually someone out there who's not afraid to be original. So far, Janet Parshall and Mike Gallagher are the only two interviewers who were able to focus on the present and forget about the past. Kudos to both of them. You can hear Janet's interview by going to her website, where she's actually put John's photo up: As much as we love to email those who take unfair advantage of John, let's not forget to praise the ones who treat him well. She doesn't have a direct email, but you can fill out a form on her site.

Lastly, John put himself in front of Bill O'Reilly ( While I wasn't sure what to expect from Bill, I think it went okay. After all, we've all seen Bill much tougher. The streaming video isn't up yet, but it usually takes Fox News 24 hours to post it. You can check tomorrow at

All and all I'd say it's been a good day on the media circuit. Who knows, are people starting to get John or are the planets just aligned correctly? Either way, John believes in this campaign and will continue to promote it, whether his critics are good, bad or ugly.

John's mission statement (written by John) has been posted on his website:

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fox News - The Big Story...Gone bad

For those of you who missed it, John was scheduled to do an interview last night with John Gibson. Turns out, Gibson took the day off and was replaced by the very uptight and cranky, Julie Banderas (God I hope she's no relation to Antonio!) I don't know what her problem was, but she went at John like a pitbull on Red Bull. But John held his own and left Ms. Banderas looking less than professional...or intelligent for that matter. If anyone cares to email the show, the address is By the way, if you go to Fox News' website and click on The Big Story, they have streaming video of all the shows for the past week. Interestingly enough, John's episode is not available. Maybe that's because Julie B. made such a spectacle (I am obviously in a generous mood) of herself? Maybe viewers can come up with a better word to describe the unrelenting Ban-tear-ass....Here are some of the comments viewers sent to John:

And a GREAT interview it WAS, John! Even tho Ms Banderas seemed a little hostile, you were able to keep th interview focused on 'SpeakEnglish' whilst being a gentleman about it. Great job; -actually think Ms Banderas was kinda grooving onyou towards the last!

While I am no fan of John Rocker, the interview he gave to Julie Banderas was ambush TV at it's finest. All she wanted to do was chastise him for comments he made years ago. She hardly gave him the opportunity to speak regarding his position on speaking English, which was the topic. You could see the blood in her eyes, she looked as if she had a rabbit in her sights and was about to blow him away. Why don't you have Ms. Banderas bleach her hair blond and change her name to Nancy Grace? Oh, and about that diamond jewelry set Ms. Banderas always wears. She should get over herself. If it's real, it's an insult to Africans who have to mine the diamonds under deplorable conditions, and diamonds have been known to be used to fund terrorism. If they are fake, she's trying to be something she isn't.
P.S. My family stopped speaking Gaelic when they came to this country, maybe new immigrants could make the same effort.

Just a quick message to say that I saw John Rocker on Fox News yesterday. I appreciate his standing firm and remaining calm and respectful when the anchor really tried to push him during the interview. Thanks for the Speak English campaign.

Saw you on the show yesterday before I went to bowl league. Way to go! I'm glad someone with a public voice shares our opinion. I'm glad that you stuck with the interviewer who kept changing the subject & going back to your comments from SI many moons ago (we agreed with that too, by the way). The liberal drive-by media just doesn't get it. Keep up your crusade and we'll do our part to support it. We are buying some of the tees. Have a great day.

Please stick to your guns and get your message out, by immigrants not assimilating, our country is doomed to become another 3rd world toilet, multi-cultural and, multi-lingual has no room in this country. If people want to remember their roots, they can do it at home, try going to France and getting your Driver’s License Test in the English language, it won’t happen.
Good Luck and keep up the Good Work !!!!

Same old story, John.Free speech no longer applies when someone is using plain talk to tell the truth.Only if you're coming from the left is your speech protected in this era.Most plain talking, honest, and logical thinking individuals have supported you these last 6 years.And we'll continue to do so.You have my respect. Hang tuff!

We enjoyed your responses during the interview on Fox News today, but did not like the way you were questioned. Bravo on your good work!

Dear John Rocker,I just watched your interview on Fox News and I want to say Thank You on behalf of all Americans. Keep up the campaign! It's about time we stand up for our heritage. When in America speak ENGLISH! I'm tired of reading labels on products written in 2 or 3 languages. I'm tired of calling customer service and being asked to press 1 for English. I'm proud of you. Please keep me informed of the progress.

Monday, September 18, 2006

More Jimmy V Mayhem

The 'good folks' over at 96 Rock in South Carolina gratiously agreed to have John on their radio show to discuss the Jimmy V incident. All seemed to be going well until one of the hosts, Salt (pictured left - with my apologies) (, decided to antagonize John and it just went downhill from there. Since it was taped, I was told by the other host, Demetri (, that they would not air the show. Do you think they aired it anyway? Of course they did. Listen for yourself:

From the 96 Rock site:
John Rocker, former MLB pitcher, sent out a press release recently after he was "un-invited" to the Jimmy V Classic this weekend. His publicist contacted 96rock Mornings to do an interview in order to get his side of the story. Hear the interview Listeners react.

Sorry about this photo of Salt, but I think it gives you a good idea of who this clown is.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fan Support

The checks for the American Cancer Society have been pouring in. Thanks for all your support. Your items will be mailed this week. Please don't send anymore checks for the ACS, as I will be mailing them off with a letter today. If anyone still wants to get their autographed photo or baseball, they can make a $10 donation to the Georgia Chapter of Safari Club International (GASCI). This organization has always welcomed John with open arms, and he will be golfing in their tournament next week. Please send your donations before the 12th so John can present them at the event. Details below:

-Former Atlanta Braves Closer John Rocker to Attend-
ATLANTA, GA --- August 30, 2006 --- The Georgia Chapter of Safari Club International (GASCI) will hold its 3rd annual Safari Wish Golf Tournament on Tuesday, September 12th at the Trophy Club of Atlanta in Alpharetta. Former Atlanta Braves closer John Rocker will participate. Corporate sponsorships and golf openings are available. For more information call Patti at 770-569-1100.
The Safari Wish program raises funds to take children with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses on outdoor adventures. SCI Members and Chapters through the Safari Wish program try to grant as many lifelong wishes to these children as possible.

“Seeing these children enjoy themselves motivates all of us to contribute and keep this program going. Unfortunately, we are limited to the number of wishes we can grant each year. When you watch a child who is ill having fun and being able to forget about doctors and treatments for a while, it warms your heart. Thanks to people like John Rocker, who has made contributions to the organization, we are able to accommodate even more children,” said James Lakeman, president of the Georgia Chapter of SCI.
The event will include golf, dinner, a silent auction and fun for everyone. Auction items include such items as: celebrity autographed memorabilia, guns, crossbows, hunting and golfing gear and hunting trips. A GMC truck will be awarded to two hole-in-one winners, courtesy of Carl Black GMC.
The Georgia Chapter of Safari Club International (GASCI) is a non-profit organization that supports wildlife conservation and helps children with handicaps and life-threatening illnesses go on dream hunts. GASCI has taken more than 30 kids on Safari Wish hunts from south Georgia to the wilds of Alaska. For more information call 770-205-6973 or visit

Friday, August 25, 2006

Here's Johnny....

Here's John with the new look and his new clothing line. T'shirts available at